26 Ingenious Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home In A Jiffy

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It’s finally time. Your home needs to be cleaned. Like, badly. Why? You either have important company coming over or…. various parts of your house are growing things that are starting to wink at you. Whatever the case may be, cleaning just became your highest priority and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, not to worry, we have your back!

Here are some great tips for making deep cleaning as quick and easy as possible. The best part? Most of these DIYs use some pretty common household items that you probably already have.

1. Microfiber couches are easy to clean with rubbing alcohol and a brush. See the full DIY here.

2. A cordless vacuum is great for quickly making your rounds, without tripping every few turns. Hairy legged servant not included.

3. Hair dryers are great for getting rid of dreaded water rings.

4. Ovens are actually easy to clean with basic household items. You can learn more about this technique, and about substituting water for the white vinegar here.


5. Cream of tartar can give the shine to your stainless steel wares.

6. Also Pledge spray can shine up pretty much anything that’s stainless steel. How do you do it? The DIY Girl has you covered.

7. Want to know how to use a plastic bag and vinegar to clean shower heads? Here you go!

8. If you don’t want to use the bag, paper towels, vinegar, and a little scrubbing works as well. In case you need instructions, learn more here.

9. If you microwave vinegar and lemon, it will coat the inside with a film that you can wipe off leaving the microwave clean and disinfected. Here’s the technique.

10. Have a glass top stove? Here’s how to use dish soap, baking soda, and water to get them nice and sparkly.

11. Once again, use vinegar to clean those nasty gas stoves. See how here.

12. ROG3 is a product that is making waves in showers everywhere. Check it out here.

13. Dish soap and vinegar may sound like a mixture that will explode, but it’s actually great for cleaning tile walls.

14. Grease is easily cut with rubbing alcohol. Here’s the DIY.

15. Of course, who can forget the genius of the lint roller for cleaning up anything fabric?

16. You can clean the rim of your toilet bowl with a pumice stone. If you don’t mind leaving your toilet out of commission for 8 hours, you can also use duct tape and vinegar. Seems two items that can do anything can do even more when combined.

17. This DIY involves an iron and, SURPRISE… vinegar! Those deep carpet stains won’t know what hit them.

18. Those dish cleaners aren’t just for the dishes. Your cabinets and baseboards are game as well. Just be sure to use a cloth and wipe off the soapy water afterward.

19. WD-40 is amazing for scrubbing stubborn dirt marks off of cabinets and floors.

20. After washing AC vents, you can use wax to keep the dust off. Here’s the DIY.

21. Pet hair is an easy fix with a damp rubber glove.

22. If you need to clean your trash can, just use some vinegar and scrub it out in the shower.

23. Coffee filters are awesome for cleaning screens and cheaper than swiffers.

24. Believe it or not, a gentle rubbing with a bagel can easily dust a painting without ruining it. It’s a good use for white bagels, seeing as how they’re barely digestible anyway. Here’s the DIY.

25. Here’s a DIY to make “cleaning slime.” No, it’s not when you trap Slimer the Ghost and get him to do your chores. However, it is a great way to clean up tight crevices. Give your kids something fun to play with while they clean!

26. Learn how to use socks (clean socks) and vinegar to clean blinds here.