17 Surprising Ways You Can Transform Tree Stumps To Decorate Your Home

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Nothing beats upcycling something you’d normally discard, like a tree stump, into something beautiful and useful. This is especially true when it can be used to complement your living space. Below you’ll find photos taken by some DIY folks who created a variety of items from their tree stumps.

Turns out nature’s leftovers can be creatively transformed into amazing additions outside or even inside the home. From furniture to decorative pieces, the possibilities seem to go on and on. So if you want some good ideas for adding some rustic style to your home, you’ll love these images.

1. Tree trunks already make great seats. Step up the game by actually adding a seat.

2. Now that’s a sturdy lamp base.

3. Tiled mosaics are not only functional seats, but they can be tantalizing for aesthetic appeal.

4. Planning where to put that patio table? If you have a tree stump available, your base is covered.


5. Bridge the gap between playground, and forest.

6. Set a new benchmark for natural seating at your house.

7. Satisfy your inner “flower child” with a tree pot holder…

8. Or an outright planter.

9. A lovely trunk sink will add the perfect rustic touch to any bathroom.

10. A tree trunk platter is sure to get attention at parties.

11. Hollow out a few trunks and your mood lighting will never be the same.

12. Lets see someone knock this mailbox over.

13. You can even creatively stack trunks for playscapes.

14. Want a solid foundation to your union? This cake platter is perfect for the ritual.

15. With a little fireproofing, your choice tree stump makes the perfect firepit.

16. Turn that “multi-trunk” into a hanging garden.

17. Finally, it never hurts to fashion up a symbol for your favorite hobby.