13 Emotional Moments Only Real Estate Agents Will Understand

13 Emotional Moments Only Real Estate Agents Will Understand


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    1. My reaction when someone starts telling me about their favorite real estate book:

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    2. My reaction when someone asks me if I make a lot of money from real estate:

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    3. When I run into another agent and their buyer during a site visit:

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    4. When I step into a foreclosed property that my buyer wants to walk through:

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    5. My reaction when helping a new agent do their first search on the MLS system.

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    6. When I’m sitting at the closing table, watching my client sign closing documents:

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    7. When I enter a house I’m showing (that I thought was vacant… but was not).

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    8. When my buyer tells me they want to submit an offer for $100,000 on a property that’s listed for $225,000:

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    9. My reaction when I think I might have just locked my keypad in the house I just showed.

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    10. My reaction when another agent tells me their buyer is backing out of buying my client’s house for no good reason.

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    11. Me when I hear a FSBO talking about how easy it is to sell real estate.

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    12. How it feels to work with a cash buyer:

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    13. My reaction each year when my accountant tells me how much I owe the IRS:

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