16 Baffling House Photos, Taken By Baffled Agents, That’ll Make You Scratch...

16 Baffling House Photos, Taken By Baffled Agents, That’ll Make You Scratch Your Head In Bafflement


    mike-bell-authorBy Mike Bell  |  Read Bio

    Once again, our faithful followers have sent photos in from around the world, giving us a look into the bizarre things one can find within homes of random strangers. So whether you’re in the mood to scratch your head in bewilderment, or just have a laugh (we bet it’ll be both), these photos will certainly entertain you.

    1. This high-tech security system will also protect this home from getting sold.

    Photo sent in by: Stephanie Wetzstein

    2. These fancy supports must be there to distract from the unsightly plumbing.

    Photo sent in by: Chrissy Vaselaros-Stevenson

    3. Because moving the thermostat is just WAAAY too much work.

    Photo sent in by: Craig Fialkowski

    4. Go from hot meal to hot tub in mere seconds!

    Photo sent in by: Jordan Hoskins

    5. “I just can’t figure out why the pizza always tastes like Cascade!”

    Photo sent in by: Julie Kelly Knight

    6. Lots of storage… for things you’ll never need again.

    Photo sent in by: Kelly Convirs Fowler

    7. Exactly at what point does it become overkill?

    Photo sent in by: Laurine McClue

    8. Before recessed lighting was cool.

    Photo and caption sent in by: Lindsay Reid

    9. If it overflows, who do you call first — a plumber or carpet cleaner?

    Photo sent in by: Lynn Weber

    10. Grandiose staircase with magnificent views!

    Photo sent in by: Nelya Calev

    11. Proof that Herbie really did go bananas. (1980 movie reference, you whippersnappers)

    Photo sent in by: Odedd Dayan

    12. As seen on H(illbilly)GTV

    Photo sent in by: Ryan C. Sanford

    13. Meet Happy, the town’s most intimidating guard dog.

    Photo sent in by: Name

    14. Possibly the most voyeur-friendly bathroom I’ve ever seen.

    Photo sent in by: Steve Noga

    15. In case your misbehaving husband requires an extended-stay doghouse.

    Photo sent in by: Susan Hayes Perzigian

    16. “You had ONE job!”

    Photo sent in by: Susan K Thomas