19 Sneaky Hiding Places Around The Home To Stash Your Stuff

19 Sneaky Hiding Places Around The Home To Stash Your Stuff


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    This day and age, burglars and shady “friends” are getting craftier at finding your valuables. The good news is we are becoming craftier thinking up new places to hide those goods. Here are a number of great ideas for stashing your valuable and sentimental (or naughty) items in places nobody would think to look.

    1. This is about as clever as it gets. Just make sure you don’t trim your fingernails too close.

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    2. Here’s a shocking idea for hiding your goodies.

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    3. Having a hidden cubby behind a wall-mounted TV not only gives you better wire management, but also provides a secret storage area too.

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    4. Or instead of hiding items behind a picture frame, hide your stuff INSIDE one!

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    5. Rows of binders filled with pages of boring sentences are a great place to hide things from your kids.

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    6. That space under the cabinet is a perfect place for a little extra hidden storage.

    Via Better Homes and Gardens

    7. Here’s a great trap door for hiding your valuables (or people) under the stairs.

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    8. This inconspicuous armoire can act as a hidden entrance to a panic room.

    Or a hidden room to get your fifty shades of grey on without any unwanted intrusions.

    Via Savvy Housekeeping

    9. Probably the sneakiest hiding spot of them all is located on every door in your home. Learn how to make one here.

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    10. Tired of that random brother-in-law who comes over and eats everything in the fridge? This dresser refrigerator might help.

    “Would you like some mustard with those underpants?”

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    11. This ring lets you store your valuables within your valuables.

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    12. Here’s a classic hinged picture frame you can hide your jewelry behind. Learn how to make it here.

    Via Design Sponge

    13. Seriously. Who would ever suspect?

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    14. The handles give it away, but this storage space is still a sweet idea for a floor bathtub.

    Via Apartment Therapy

    15. Make your cold-hard cash even colder with this A/C vent safe. Purchase one here.

    Via Hidden Safes

    16. For only $99 you can hide your valuables in a head of lettuce… that is also a safe.

    I doubt any burglar would check a head of lettuce while searching for your valuables.

    Via Bimbambanana.com

    17. A staircase is the perfect place to hide a small bar. For other amazing ideas using staircases, check this article out.

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    18. Here’s a great way to hide you valuables at the beach or swimming pool.

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    19. Rock out your house key concealment with this genius hiding device.

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