22 Ways To Increase Living Space In A Tiny Bedroom

22 Ways To Increase Living Space In A Tiny Bedroom


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In the spirit of space saving efficiency, we’ve put together several articles for improving home storage, how to get more space in your laundry room and ways to maximize space in a tiny kitchen. This time we’re focusing on storage hacks for smaller sized bedrooms. If you have a tiny bedroom, and don’t feel like navigating through an obstacle course every time you want to climb into your bed, then this article is for you.

1. First, let’s talk lighting. You can hang a lamp, or some lights on a lamp frame to enhance your lighting without taking up needed floor space. See how here.

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2. You can use an IKEA console table to enhance your bedroom shelving and workstation flexibility.

Via Ikea

3. Create a PVC pipe hanger to enhance your storage. You can place it out of sight, behind the door.

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4. You can use a small table like this to serve as a desk for work, and a nightstand.

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5. You can also use a small sized desk as a functional footboard.

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6. These risers can meet the needs of bed elevation, extra under bed storage space, and power strips all in one.

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7. You can also elevate your bed on a dresser for more storage space. See how here.

Via IKEA Hackers

8. A hanging hamper tends to take up less space than a floor hamper. Here are the details.

Via Making Nice in the Midwest

9. Alcove your bed to open up the larger floor spacing. This example has extra storage space.

Via Apartment Therapy

10. You can use peel and stick wallpaper to make a single wall the focal point. This helps a smaller room have the illusion of being larger. Here’s an example.

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11. As long as you have enough elbow room, suspending table tops from the ceiling will give you extra space underneath.

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12. Same is true for floating desks and dressers. See how here.

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13. You can place shelves behind your bed for a more functional headboard.

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14. Here’s another version. See those stackable shelves? Those are old drawers fitted together. Genius DIY!

Via Better Homes and Gardens

15. Need an extra few inches of floor space? Just throw out the headboard.

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16. However, if you prefer them, here’s a DIY for making your own plush headboard.

Via Taking Time to Create

17. You can offset your bed from a wall, and use dividers and other items to create ‘closet’ space. Try out the PAX system from IKEA for this project.

Via Melody Home

18. Use corners to store clothes if you’ve run out of room in your closet or under your bed. You’ll need to use the right type of rod.

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19. Using corner shelves can offer a little extra storage space. Learn how to build one here.

Via House of Rose

20. You can also just use hangers and string them up from the ceiling.

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21. If you want to save a little space, use window frosting instead of curtains or blinds for privacy. It also lets in more light.

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22. If you really need something more colorful, you can also work with specialized fabric paper. Here are the instructions.

Via Better Homes and Gardens