13 Creative Fence Designs To Inspire Your Inner Artist

lighterside-staff-authorBy Lighter Side Staff  |  S.D. Shank  |  Read More

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If you think a fence is simply a barrier between two homes that provides a little bit of privacy and a small level of security, think again. They can offer a lot more. Some homeowners are turning them into a literal decorative medium that brings a whole new artistic experience to the entire yard.

1. Turn Your Fence into A CanvasTurn little Tina’s scribblings into certified street art with this clever DIY project.

2. Marble-ize Your FenceWhen light comes through one side, beautiful spectrums of colors will come out the other.

3. Hang Old Kitchenware to Your FenceWe like to call this the “Clampitt Motif.”

4. Do The Same with Vintage ChinaYes, because grandma snuck those through the war as her most prized possession for you to hang them on a fence.

5. Use Planters and FramesNo, that’s not the name of a new store soccer moms will flock to. It’s an interesting way to highlight your hanging plants on the fence.

6. Hang Mirrors UpDon’t worry, it won’t be creepy in the middle of the night when you’re letting the dog out.

7. Or Hang a Window On ItAnd hope birds won’t fly into your fence.

8. Paint a Fun MuralJust make sure it’s tasteful.

9. Tin Planters Are In!Saving your soup cans for recycling? Don’t! Do this instead.

10. Lamp Oil Mason Jar LightsA classy way to create ambiance.

11. Put up Hanging PlantersThis is also a great idea for herb gardening if you have limited yard space.

12. Don’t Shutter At This Fence IdeaCool concept but these will ALWAYS blow away in storms.

13. Surf Up Your FenceGreat idea if you live near the beach.

But no matter how pretty and stylish you make your fence, it still doesn’t mean Fido won’t find a way to scale it.