14 DIY Outdoor Lighting Themes That’ll Make Any Neighbor Envious

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Ever wondered why we humans love lighting up our nights? Maybe it’s the primal connection to staying warm around the tribal fire. Perhaps it’s associated with protection from things that creep about in the night. Maybe it’s just that lights are pretty. Whatever the case, most of us love lighting up our yards in a number of different ways. Here are some awesome DIYs for crafting your own outdoor illuminations.

Let there be lights!

1. When winter shows up, use the ice to beat back the cold ambiance. This DIY teaches you to make ice lanterns that are simply beautiful.

2. Glow orbs are a great way to light up flower beds and walkways. See how here.

3. These self-charging and electricity-free glow in the dark succulents are simply too good to pass up. Make these to enhance your home, day or night.

4. Been racking up those wine bottles after hard days at work? Now you can put them to further use at bringing more light to your relaxing evenings. Here’s the DIY.


5. Tin can lanterns are very versatile. You can paint them different colors, punch different design patterns into the sides, and set them in many places without fear of fire raging out of control. Learn how here.

6. Glow in the dark planters are an obvious way to make your green friends a more intimate part of your evenings. Making them is easier than you might imagine. See how here.

7. This DIY shows you how to make cupcake lights. It’s like having strings of glowing flowers warming your yard.

8. Here we have grapevine lighting balls that are sure to create an attractive setting no matter what kind of tree you hang them on. Learn to create them here.

9. Along side your lighting balls you might also hang some of these jar lanterns. They work great on almost any surface, and create quite the ambiance.

10. Red rope lighting can be run along walkway borders to light the path ahead. Learn more here.

11. Take some bottles and run Christmas lighting through them for a unique look. It’s a pretty simple DIY.

12. Of course, there’s always the simple method of wrapping lights around a tree or its branches with colors to brighten the bark.

13. This is known as a tuna-can lantern. It looks like a fun DIY.

Just clean the can well so the neighborhood doesn’t have a sudden outbreak of kitties with singed fur.

14. This DIY shows you how to make some of the coolest mason jar lights I’ve seen.

If you want to go all out on making your home look like a rainbow decided to lay a bunch of eggs around it, these will get you started.