18 Creative Ladder Upcycles You’ve Never Thought Of

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Ladders are good for more than assisting with vertically challenging projects. Turns out they can also improve home storage, visual appeal, and even gardening space. Here are some awesome ways to upcycle your unused ladder.

1. Need some lovely shelving for your knick knacks?

2. Rack coats and frame your charm in one swoop.

3. Adjustable shelving is easy with two ladders and some well-placed boards.

4. It’s also easy to keep your pots and pans organized in a number of fashions.


5. Or use a ladder to hang them over a kitchen island.

6. Need a great way to hang some stylish lighting on your porch? Ladders give you options.

7. Keep your heels organized with a rustic touch.

8. Sharing a bathroom? A ladder can be a great idea for hanging more towels.

9. Outline your herb garden with precision.

10. And then sun dry all your herbs at once.

11. These little condos are for the birds. I know… that was a fowl pun.

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12. Use a ladder in your laundry room for storing baskets, as well as a place to dry clothes.

13. Shoes aren’t the only clothing you can rack on a ladder.

14. Hang stylish headings for your bed.

15. Hang the dining decorations of your choice above the family table.

16. Display photos and other art.

17. The options for overhead storage are quite numerous.

18. Even holiday decor can be taken up a notch with clever ladder use.