25 Creative Storage Ideas That Every Homeowner With Stairs Needs To See

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Those spaces under the stairs just don’t get enough use. If you don’t use it, you can end up with pointless negative space, perhaps a dwelling place for pests, or an abyss where random items pile up to be forgotten forever. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the place those random boxes full of items you can’t fit under the bed goes.

Well, we say “No more!” Now you can create a gorgeous space under your staircase for artistic appeal, and effective storage. If you are going to be a packrat, why not do it with some style? We’ll show you how.

1. Drawers that slide directly out in front of the steps. That’s something you don’t see every day. Just be sure you close those drawers after use.

2. This staircase mixes it up a bit.

3. You have the sleek wall panel drawers.


4. And then there are the cozy under-stair shelves.

5. Introducing the shelf-drawer hybrid! Just because…

6. A gorgeous wooden drawer set adorns this staircase.

7. If drawers and shelves just aren’t enough, you can go the extra mile and fit your office under your stairs.

8. Even if it’s a compact office.

9. Lets face it. This shelving is just plain sexy.

10. Not much closet space? Cabinets like these work perfect.

11. These box-shelves are an attractive way to make use of a spiral staircase.

12. Of course, some people have staircases that they can hide shelves, others hide half their homes under.

13. Sometimes all you need for a chic look is a narrow staircase with a stylish floor-shelf.

14. Perfect space usage for hard working real estate agents!

15. This shelving practically gives you a second staircase… if you are into parkour.

16. Combining classy cabinets and shelving can go a long way.

17. Why stop at shelves and drawers when you can hide part of your kitchen under the stairs?

18. Here we see shelves beautifully integrated with the steps for a modern look and feel.

19. These trays may not be that attractive, but they’re functional. This might be perfect for basement or garage stair cases.

20. Sometimes, simple shelving is best.

21. Other times, artistic shelving is best.

22. This bookshelf is designed to match the stye of the stairs.

23. Nothing wrong with using the space for a little hidden lounging spot.

24. This is a gorgeous concept including unique modern lighting.

25. Under-stair closet storage is puppy approved! What more can you ask for?