28 Creative Ways To Display Family Photos That You Never Considered

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Family photos add a very personal touch to your home’s decor. However, with some families, there are so many people to love (Brady Bunch, anyone?), all their photos can start to clutter up the walls fast. But not to worry! Here are some ways to take those special memories and display them in a way that adds style to your home’s decor.

1. Here’s a great, rustic way of framing your loved ones.

2. A flexible grid pattern is perfect for most family walls.

3. Who doesn’t enjoy family photos at a work station?

Getting the lighting and positioning just right can add to the mental stimulation you need to make it through a project.

4. A giant grid collage is great when you have a large family. And when you’re OCD.


5. If you’re an OCD decorator with a little more spunk, you can free-form the grid on the wall.

6. Here’s some alternating rectangle action.

7. Clearly size matters.

8. Have a ton of small photos and not enough wall space? With this trick, you can display them anywhere you want!

9. Here’s another cute way to get those small photos spread about for all to enjoy.

10. You can string them against walls as well.

11. When you have those photos everyone MUST see.

12. Matching the right photos with your furniture and color schemes is how to take that room to the next level of fab.

13. Well lookie here… you just never know what will wash up on a beach.

14. Just when you thought you’ve seen every way a picture can be framed. See the DIY here.

15. Afraid of the dark? Light up the room with reminders of how great life truly is.

16. Set the holidays off with a photo wreath. You can make specific ones for each holiday!

17. Here’s a way to rotate your photo display like a breeze.

18. Seriously. Is there anything you can’t do with pallets?

If you need any more convincing that wood pallets should be in the same category as super glue, duct tape, and MacGyver’s paperclips, look here.

19. With a little creativity and the right lighting you can create a photo frame out of nearly anything.

20. Here’s an awesome DIY for making photo tiles for your viewing pleasure.

21. With the proper arranging, black and white can really stand out.

22. We just can’t get enough of the twine and clothespins. Sometimes simple is best.

23. A photo clock is a brilliant way to display the times you cherished.

24. Give a greater purpose to those unused curtain rods, as they hold your beloved history for viewing.

25. Go big or go… uh, nevermind.

26. In an age of iphones, it is a good idea to remind dinner guests where the focus should be.

27. Wall paper is overrated. [or] Wall paper just isn’t personal enough.

28. This is for when you need that reminder of why you spend those endless hours working on your computer.

Here’s a handy little reference graphic for hanging your collages in attractive layouts.

Pop quiz. Which layouts goes with which of the previous photos?