23 Really Clever Household Products You Shouldn’t Be Living Without

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There are some items in this life that you just need to have around the house. Some of these items may not be “essential,” but when you experience what they do for you, they might as well be. We have a list here of items that are life savers around the home.

1. Keep freshness in and bugs or staleness out… with a hand-held bag resealer. Get it here.

2. With a Wave hook, you can make your showers or bubble baths extra bubbly.

3. A safe with a timer. Although a metal one might be better for some

4. A spice rack that measures out your spices automatically. Brilliant! Check it out.

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5. Here’s a smartphone thermometer that also keeps track of local illnesses. A hypochondriac’s dream come true.

6. A citrus atomizer, fresh from the source!

7. A mesh beach bag. Shake the sand out of your belongings with style. Here is a men’s tote, a clutch, and a backpack version.

8. Never drop a nail again with this magnetic watch.

9. A cooler, with wireless speakers, a bottle opener, lights, a charger, multiple storage units, and a replicator. Okay, I made up that last one. Still, this thing is amazing! Check it out on kickstarter.

10. Introducing, the ultimate tool for gift wrapping.

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11. A marker that scans text to your computer. Never have to sort through for important texts again. Get it here.

12. A silicon, individual slice mold for cake. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite flavors all at once.

13. How about a genius dustpan that cleans your broom? No more resweeping those clumps of pet hair!

14. Want to make sure you’re not feeding the neighborhood pets? Here’s a microchip activated food bowl that only opens for your furry friend.

15. If you get frustrated attempting to get those sheets oriented correctly, these labels will save the day… or at least a few minutes.

If you know where these are sold, please let us know!

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16. Know what the temperature the water is before you touch it with these color changing LED lights. I’ll let you figure out what the colors mean.

17. Here’s a clever shower head with a wireless speaker for that necessary mood music. For more amazing shower accessories, check this out.

18. An inflatable tie is useful for those emergency, executive power naps.

19. Free standing badminton nets are easy to move to any chosen yard space.

20. Save your fingers with “The Mommy Hook.” Don’t worry. Daddies can use it too.

21. A portable laundry basket will help keep your travelling time scent free.

22. Read your book, drink your coffee, and munch on your bagel all at once with the hands free book holder.

23. Protect your razor blades and keep them shaving you smoothly with this razor pod. Find this bad boy on kickstarter, and get ready to save some cash (and your skin)!

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