11 Famous Quotes You Can Whip Out With Your Real Estate Clients

lighterside-staff-authorBy Luca Alboretti | Staff Contributor

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Some of the most famous quotes in history might just apply to your real estate career — and serve as great objection handlers, to boot! They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so let these pictures do the talking…

1. When your clients are nervous about moving forward with the sale

2. When your buyers want to give up because they lost out on another house

3. When your client thinks their home is special and worth more than the market will bear

4. When your seller is frustrated about a buyer backing out of a deal

5. When the perfect home is too far of a commute for your buyers

6. When your buyer’s dad is telling your client not to buy a certain home

7. When a client wants to “sleep on it” before making a decision

8. When someone says they’ll never be able to own a home

9. When your client keeps low-balling offers and losing

10. When your client is being tough on you

11. When you’re at the closing table