Watching Paint Dry Is Boring. Watching Metallic Epoxy Being Applied Is Anything But

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Epoxy is an amazing way to protect and add a unique visual quality to flooring. However, have you thought about using Epoxy for the flooring itself? Epoxy is very hard and seals against all sorts of weathering. When put down correctly, it is visually stunning!

Introducing Metallic Epoxy Floors! Not only can you get a beautiful amber color for your floor, but you can cut out and paint designs with colored resin to add your own special style to it. Some people make their floors look like waves of copper and gold (or “Silver and Gold” for the Christmas lovers).

If you want a unique and beautiful flooring, and you don’t mind your place smelling like resin during the laying down process, this flooring type is sure to be a winner. With the help of a Metallic Epoxy Floor artist, like the one in the video below, you’ll be blowing the minds of your guests for some time to come.

Via Xtreme Polishing System