Real Estate Agents Sum Up Their Careers With Hilarious, Made-Up Book Titles

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It’s been said that you need three bones to make it in real estate: a backbone, a wishbone, and a funny bone. Well, the agents below have that last one in spades!

In a recent post to our Facebook page, we tasked our fans with the following challenge:

“Your real estate career is a book. Give it a title.”

… And they did NOT disappoint. Below are our favorite answers.


“How I Turned $1M Into $10K & a Drinking Problem” – Jeff Upton


“Take All My Time and Tell Me Lies” – Katie Hughes


“A Series of Unfortunate Events” – Rebecca Jones


“How I Got an Ulcer Working for Free” – Vivian Joyce Jordan-Pishok


“Fifty Shades of Grey Hair” – Janie Barnett Burnette


“How To Become a Therapist Without a Degree” – Misty Dowling


“Gone With the Appraisal” – Kathy Viar Shrewsbury


“How To Never Enjoy a Vacation Again” – Kathryn MacKinnon Horgan


“It Was the Best of Times… It Was the Worst of Times” – Ann Culley Crusenberry


“Weddings, Funerals & Real Estate: When People Show You Who They Really Are” – Amy Tucker

Who said real estate agents don’t have a sense of humor?!