This Is What The Perfect House Looks Like (Room By Room), According to Pinterest

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Pinterest has become an amazing place to find unique ideas of what one might want to obtain or accomplish in life. One of the common Pinterest boards found across the popular social network is “dream home.”

So Tech Insider hatched a brilliant idea of asking Pinterest to share what the most popular ‘home’ pins were. They asked what the most popular pictures were in each of these categories: exterior, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, entertainment rooms, home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, garages, attics, basements, and outdoor yards. The results were fascinating. Instead of big mansions or little cozy cabins in the woods, it seems the most popular “dream home” is a family home that balances majesty with simplicity.

The main structure of Pinterest’s trendiest home is this two story, navy blue house with white trim.

The most popular living room style is an open floor plan with tall ceilings, plentiful lighting, and large windows.

Another trending living room also has an open floor plan, tall ceilings, and an amazing double staircase.

For the dining room, the popular vote is for dark, hardwood floors, matching furniture and neutral wall coloring. The artistic brass candles, chandelier and plants help as well.


The other popular dining room setup contrasts a light colored theme and plentiful natural light with darker items like the chandelier and furniture.

The most admired kitchen utilizes rustic hardwood flooring, a center island and a beautiful color combination with the cabinets, countertops and walls.

A secondary popular kitchen also sports white cabinets, granite countertops and large picture window that opens up a nice view of the yard.

The top-trending entertainment room is more modern in style, with shiny marble flooring, a huge sectional couch and a big screen TV of course.

Another favored entertainment room is in a basement. If you are going to dream big, may as well throw in a pool table and a fully stocked bar.

Another popular basement-style entertainment room is favored for the couch that doubles as a bar in case guests want to snack while they watch. Cozy color scheme too.

While most attics are dark and dreary, the most shared attic image on Pinterest has a bright paint job, lots of natural lighting as well as a swing to let you relax your worries away.

The most shared master bedroom has a chandelier, soothing yet bright coloring, with plenty of windows and lighting.

The cozy reading chair is a nice touch. The bedrooms seem to be the only rooms where carpet is preferred.

Another popular bedroom has darker colors but is well accented with vibrant decor throughout the rest of the room.

The most favorable bathroom is bright, with a molded granite countertop, beautiful wood flooring, double sinks and ample cabinet space.

The other most shared bathroom has a rustic style, only one sink, a basic toilet, tile flooring and wood paneled walls.

Yet the feel of the colors, wooden shelving and framed mirror really give it that cozy feel.

The closets that draw the most interest are large walk-ins. The most popular displays mirrored cabinets, wood flooring, and shoes for practically every day of the year.

The next closet has a darker color scheme, an optimized storage layout and framed mirrors.

The rest of the family can just use chic under-stairs closet space for their clothes.

Here is the most desired home office. The ample lighting and bright colors are perfect for keeping your energy and productivity levels high.

Behold, the most popular garage on Pinterest. Although it looks more like a live-in garage to me!

Another favored garage isn’t very big. The main appeal is probably how clean and well organized it is.

As far as Pinterest users’ outdoor preferences go, a large and open deck with a pool table and bar seems to be all the rage. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know about pub-sheds or she-sheds. :)

Another highly pinned backyard is an open style grassless area with plenty of amenities. Here are a few more ideas for grassless yards worth having.

Here’s another popular backyard on Pinterest. Simple and yet so comfortable.

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