18 Of The Weirdest Toilets and Urinals From Around The World

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Humans are an amazing species who love to put their artistic touch on everything. Murals can make drab looking buildings the soothing cornerstones of a neighborhood. The right sculpted fountain in the middle of downtown can take the edge out of the city hustle and bustle. The correctly crafted toilet can… improve the mood?

Okay, toilet art is definitely a new thing to me. Whether it’s funny, pleasing, or just plain strange, these designs will definitely make you rethink bathroom ambience.

1. This “Firehouse” themed restroom is found in a likewise themed pub in London.

2. For $75,000 (only a couple of college educations worth), you can feel like you are going in an expensive disco ball.

3. Found in a men’s restroom in Weiterstadt, Germany. What exactly were they hoping to accomplish here?

4. Must be Bill Gates’ dream toilet. When you need a good “data dump,” having high end circuitry is a must. Careful not to snag anything on here…


5. You can find these lovely urinals in the restaurant/bar “La Jugueteria” in La Macarena district of Bogotá, Columbia. If the bats are any indicator, you might want to keep an eye on your free hanging parts.

6. Recycling at its finest. Found in Monteith’s Brewery, New Zealand.

7. These urinals grace the men’s bathroom in Bratislava’s wobbly UFO bar.

8. That’s one way to get someone to quit smoking.

9. Sometimes you just need to make a sacrifice to the gods.

10. This toilet must be for siamese twins, or a REALLY close couple.

11. Hold on tight, and wear a helmet!

12. Those toilets could use some tuning. These were put into the bathroom of a pub in Freiburg, South Germany by the landlord, Martin Hartmann.

13. If Bill Gates has a favorite toilet, this would be Steve Jobs’ favorite.

14. Try to use this one. I dare ya!

15. Ok, that’s just twisted.

16. If you’re scared of heights, at least you wouldn’t have to pee your pants in this restroom.

17. All you need is a coffee maker and you’re set for crunch time.

18. Just… no.