If Your Real Estate Agent Shows Any Of These Types Of Body Language… RUN!

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WARNING: if you notice your real estate agent showing these expressions after you ask questions about buying or selling a home… RUN!

1. When you ask, “Can I see your portfolio of sold homes?” and they’re like…

Competent real estate agents won’t shy away from this question, even if they’re just starting out with not much to show you. Many new licensees represent a new breed of hungry, smart-phone packing, internet-savvy go-getters who might be just the agent you need.

2. When you ask, “How’s the market looking right now?” and they’re like…


Speaking in generalities is ok at a family reunion or on the golf course. But during a listing presentation, competent real estate agents will explain in great detail all the relevant market conditions which may impact the sale of your home.

3. When you ask, “What’s your opinion of the schools in this area?” and they’re like…


This is a question that won’t dumbfound competent agents because they’re already aware. They know your area’s school system inside and out. When dealing with potential buyers, they will point them to the right resources, enabling them to conduct their own research and make an informed opinion.

4. When you ask, “My home obviously needs some TLC. Is there anything I can do to improve its curb appeal?” and they’re like…


Ok, this is obviously an exaggerated response. You won’t actually get laughed at. But regardless of how much sprucing up your home needs, competent agents will assist you in determining exactly what needs to be done to maximize its appeal to the market. They’ll also have a long list of trusted vendors you can call upon.


5. When you ask, “Do you think you can get top dollar for my home?” and they’re like…


Competent real estate agents are confident — not shy, dismissive, or intimidated when you ask this question. In fact, they want you to ask it because it’s a green light to sum up all the reasons why they’re perfect for selling your home.

6. When you ask, “Have you ever sold any homes in my neighborhood?” and they’re like…


Competent agents won’t stammer, stutter, or make excuses — even if they lack experience in your particular neighborhood. Every neighborhood expert has to sell their very first home in that neighborhood. Listen to the agent’s value proposition and decide if yours will be a first for them your neighborhood.

7. When you ask, “What’s the average days on market in this area?” and they’re like…


For competent agents, this type of information is like their phone number — they know it by heart. Don’t necessarily expect an exact number; ballpark is fine. However, a competent agent will know if it’s 3 months… or closer to 3 days.

8. When you ask, “What is your sale-to-list ratio vs. the market?” and they’re like…


Like the question above, competent agents can give you a solid answer on the spot. This is a measurement they take pride in. Good listing agents can often outperform the market by using aggressive marketing techniques and strategies that enable their listings to sell faster and for higher dollar amounts.

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