12 Of The Most Fail-tastic Real Estate Photos You’ve Ever Seen

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Some real estate agents have all of the luck. Gorgeous homes, well done photos, and easy selling points make selling so much easier. Then there are agents like these who have to manage what they have. Whether it’s just a terrible set of circumstances, or poor skill on the part of the agent, here are some hilariously epic fails in the world of real estate photography.

1. Would you believe they got this couch under nine bucks?!

2. And in this living space you’ll detect a very distinct “Porn Star” motif.

3. By the looks of the dilapidated woodwork and staining, this game of Chess got way out of hand.


4. Any homeowner knows, the centerpiece of your living room should be a ‘before’ picture of Joey Fatone. Not an ‘after’.

5. What did the fox say? “Someone please call the humane society.”

6. OMG. I can’t believe they didn’t close the toilet lid for this photo.

7. Looks like Kermit popped a huge zit… but that’s none of my business.

8. “If you love gourds and piles of gourd research, this house is for you. Please contact, Gordon.”


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9. Who ever thought you’d need a weed whacker to clean your pool?

10. Sometimes a living room is where you express how homesick you are for your country.

11. Want elegance? This room is a perfect 10… on the Richter scale. Total disaster.

12. Decorating 101: DON’T have a picture of yourself directly above your bed that looks like it’s reaching down to murder you every night.

H/T: nypost.com