Here Are The Top 25 Real Estate Memes The Internet Saw In 2015

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As 2015 winds down, and we start gearing up for 2016, let’s pause a moment to reflect on this year’s lighter moments in real estate. Memes are a powerful way to not only laugh at ourselves, but also to convey to everybody else what it’s like to live in our shoes as real estate professionals.

So here they are, in no particular order: The Top 25 Real Estate Memes of 2015, as voted by you through your likes, comments and shares.


Sound familiar?


I could argue that I actually deserve a BONUS. ;)


This might take a while.


Am I right, or am I right?


“That’s why you constantly share ‘The Lighter Side of Real Estate’ posts on your fb page- that way no one can forget! :)” – April Redford, Real Estate Agent

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Pure bliss!






Total no-brainer.


True story.



The real estate profession keeps me young and spry!


Ummm… a kitchen renovation all the way down to the studs is gonna run a little more than $10k.


Can I get an amen?


…and it’s complicated.


And that’s just the manual on short sales.

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It’s wine thirty somewhere.


Hate to say “I told ya so,” but I told ya so.


And wound up in court over non-disclosure issues. :(


A good rule of thumb is to always hire based on value, not cost.


Just let that sink in for a moment.



I mean, what are you waiting for?!


Sorry, but if you don’t have time to get approved, I don’t have time to show you homes.


A REALTOR’s work is never done.


Always rely on your agent for the most current housing data.


See how easy I am to please?

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Mike Bell
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