Homeowner Thwarts Flower Bed-Destroying Cat And Enhances Curb Appeal In The Process

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Imgur member, Somethingnew71 had a flower bed and an outdoor cat that just couldn’t get along. It’s not that the cat didn’t try. It would prene the flower bed, blessing it by lounging on the greenery, purring with friendship. Still, the flowerbed didn’t flourish. His cat even went the extra mile and tried ‘fertilizing’ the flowerbed, yet for some reason, the flowers just seemed so unappreciative and wilted in spite.

Finally, Somethingnew71 decided nothing could be done to remedy their relationship, and chose to transform the flowerbed into something that could withstand the endless love of his feline friend.

First, the flowerbed had to be put to rest, along with the thoughtful fertilizer bombs left by his cat.

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Next, sand had to be applied.

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For a moment, I’m sure kitty got his hopes up.

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The sand was leveled using 2 ¼” PVC pipes, and a 2×4. By the time the first bricks went up, I think it became clear this wasn’t going to be a new kitty sandbox.

Sorry I didn't get a good leveling shot but we used two 1/4 inch PVC pipes on ground then drag a 2×4 across it to level


“If this doesn’t hold up, the pound is getting a new inmate.”

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Sand sealer was applied and wet down to set the bricks appropriately.

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Why go through the trouble to cement things in if you don’t need to?

We brushed a sand sealer into the gaps. You wet it and it holds all the bricks solid so they dont wiggle when you walk

The bricks hold so firmly, they don’t move from walking or shifting on the new outdoor chairs.

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Sure, kitty misses the flowerbed, but perhaps he’ll convince his owners to invest in one of these awesome Catio’s to make up for it.

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