I’ve Seen Countless Double-Wides Rolling Down the Highway… But a Million Dollar Home?!

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Ever wonder how stressful it must be to move those double-wide homes down the road? Driving on edge, with a multi-ton trailer of destruction riding your tail, and just hoping the trucker gods aren’t feeling especially devious that day. Well, that’s nothing.

Scott Aldeman, of North Dakota, decided he needed to up the ante by transporting a 200 ton brick home from land now being used for flood diversion. The good news? He purchased the million dollar home for a cool 70 grand. The bad news? It probably took several more thousand dollars, a mass of permits, and some unknown prophet of said trucker gods to get the thing moved!

It only took two days, moving a couple of traffic signals (because, why not?), and a whole lot of caffeine. Afterward, it takes five weeks to get the house put back together. Seriously. Why not just build a new house?

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