This Mini Pub Transforms Their Backyard Into Envy of the Neighborhood

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Garage bars and pub sheds have been gaining in popularity over the years. It’s no wonder why—you can’t beat the convenience and you’re never late for happy hour when you’re the barkeep.

While many backyard boozers opt for a simple setup, one couple—the Crabtrees—hired a husband and wife duo who run a home-based furniture business to build their dream garden pub, and the results are definitely champagne-worthy.

To use the word “authentic” about this United Kingdom-based tiny tavern would be an understatement.

Take a look and see if it doesn’t make you crave a cocktail.

It’s hard to believe the project took just three to four weeks to complete, from start to finish!

From the outside, it looks pretty impressive but that’s nothing compared to the cozy interior.

A good time is on tap at The Drunken Crab. Makes you want to pull up a barstool and catch up with friends, doesn’t it?

There’s nothing quite like a warm fire on a chilly night. Good to know the pub will be open year-round.

You can even shoot a round of darts, while enjoying your pint.

Who needs take-out when you’ve got bar snacks on-hand? They’ve really thought of everything.

This wine fridge saves the Crabtrees from having to make a trip back into the house. Cool and convenient!

Look at that ceiling? The attention to detail gives the place so much character.

The only problem with this backyard bar? You may need a bouncer come closing time—who’d ever want to leave?