Man Buys a 1950’s House. Its Best Feature? A Treasure Trove of Untouched Retro Appliances

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Furniture craftsman Nathan Chandler, bought a home in 2009 with a history that could be considered quite unique. Unique because everything is exactly as it was when the home was built, in 1956! One of its main features is a kitsch style kitchen with the theme of Pink. When I say pink, I mean enough pink to make the “Hello Kitty” line jealous! Why is everything still as it was? Well, it seems that no one has lived in the house since it was built, and the reason is undisclosed.

I vote that it was overexposure to pepto bismol pink.

The refrigerator is horizontal and raised to about chest level. This was necessary since the housewife fashion of the time was high heels and sun dresses.

The silver caps for the burners was a nice touch.


Here are the burners without the caps. Still spotless.

The controls for the stove looks like a radio out of some kind of 50’s automobile. Pretty simple to work.

The oven controls are also just as simple, and a little more visually aesthetic.

Apparently, the vintage GM appliances also come with complimentary dishwashing detergent, as yet to be opened. Not too sure I’d test it at this point. On the upside, the original owners manuals are included in the purchase.

Pretty sure its only good for looks at this point.

Thought I was kidding about the sun dress and high heels, didn’t you?

Chandler ultimately decided to sell off the pieces of the kitchen pieces, to some other pink antique collectors. Whether they were bought for the money, for for the sheer sake of saying, “I have something no one else has,” I’m sure the collectors are quite pleased with their purchases. Have to wonder where they will end up.