Husband Surprises Wife With $60k Kitchen Makeover. Her Reaction? I’m BEYOND Appalled.

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For those with challenges in marriage, this video will make you thank your lucky stars. Imagine loving your spouse enough to work yourself to the bone, and spend $60,000 on renovations to create what you understand to be her “dream kitchen.” This isn’t easy, and getting it done within her vacation week would be a true work of devotion.

Now imagine that you wait in excitement for her reaction, and then she proceeds to tell you what a failure your efforts were. This is precisely what happens in this video. To make this even more shocking, it was right in front of the entire family! To be fair, the husband did mock “you poor people” in his video. Perhaps birds of a feather do indeed flock together?

If there’s an upside, should they get a divorce, I’m pretty sure he’ll get to keep the kitchen.