You Won’t Believe What This Guy In N.Y. Pays To Live In A Closet-Sized Room

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A short work commute is certainly a luxury, but at what cost?

Take this 100 square foot apartment in Manhattan. It’s truthfully more like a rectangular closet with a shower. Grayson Altenberg, originally from Wisconsin, recently moved into this fancy shoebox which is a short 5 minute walk to his line cook gig at the Lincoln Ristorante. And like many New Yorkers, he now has a second line cook job at Letoile.

If you’re wondering why he might need a second job, the 100 square feet he lives in sets him back $1,100 per month. I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw back up. Comparatively speaking, that’s a decent deal, and Grayson seems relatively pleased with his decision. Moral of the story for non-New Yorkers? If you ever complain about your rent, this video might just make you thank your lucky stars.

Via Village Voice