26 Storage Hacks That’ll Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

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Seriously, when you just don’t have enough storage space, it might mean you just don’t have enough ideas on how to maximize storage space. When you have a spouse, four kids, and a couple of live-in in-laws, you will be thanking us for these tips!

1. Recycle those plastic jugs and give them a new lease on life. They can store all kinds of small, loose items.

2. For all of you yoga pant enthusiasts, here is an effective way to organize your tights on hangers.

3. Spice racks are great for increasing bathroom sanity.

4. Magazine holders don’t have to be restricted to magazines.


5. Handy toothbrush holders are easily carved into wood medicine cabinets.

6. Place your command hooks strategically, and your foil and plastic wraps can become a lot more accessible.

7. Garment bags can save the day during and after holidays. No more flattened tubes under the bed.

8. Ironing boards will store perfectly with a couple coat hangers.

9. Too many washi tape rolls? Use an aluminum foil dispenser to make sense of it all.

10. Jewelry racks are fairly easy to make from simple materials. Find out how, here.

11. Custom drawer inserts are easy to make, and very handy.

12. Cereal bowls can make the best wall storage “mod pods.” Learn to make them here.

13. Word on the web is these jugs are stackable.

14. Green onions can last and last when refrigerated in a parmesan cheese container.

15. Easy pour dispensers are a life saver with powdery or grainy food items.

16. Plastic bins can help eliminate roommate fridge squabbles.

17. Mesh bags are amazing for produce that needs to breathe.

18. Need a baggie holder? BAM!

19. Get those random bags organized with command hooks and binder clips.

20. Rubbermaid has set a new bar with hanging clips for bags. All you need is a wire rack.

21. Yep… that’s a shower caddy.

22. You know all of that upper wall space in the closet? Genius.

23. Clothes hangers don’t often work great for bags. Shower curtain hooks are where it’s at.

24. Use an IKEA Ribba to keep things out of the way.

25. Velcro. The unspoken ally of the gamer world.

26. Keep from tripping over your trash by mounting the recycling bins on the wall.