Cluttered Garage? Reclaim Your Space With These 21 Brilliant Garage Organizing Ideas

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To some people, the garage is just a place you keep your vehicle, or store away the items you don’t have room for anywhere else. For the more creative types, the garage is a place where you craft new items, and make your inventive mark on the world.

More often than not, either one of these purposes (if not both) create an area that requires certain unmastered feats of acrobatics just to navigate. Well, we have solutions for you. With these organizational DIYs you can retake your garage space and streamline your creative flow with ease, or at least get from the car to your door.

1. Get your various metal bits under control with a magnetic tool bar.

2. Have too many pliers for the magnetic tool bar? You can position them like so with a wooden rail. Learn more here.

3. With a few well placed holes, it is easy to create a screwdriver shelf. Here’s the DIY.

4. Glue the lids of some peanut butter jars onto the bottom of a wooden shelf, and you have easy access jars for storing screws, nails, and other small items. Here’s the DIY guide.


5. Of course, who can forget this pegboard concept? An oldie but goodie.

6. Take pegboard to the next level with a portable caddie. Here’s the DIY guide.

7. As if that wasn’t enough, you can take it even FURTHER by making these amazing portable tool cabinets! Learn more here.

8. This lumber cart is a carpenter’s dream. Here’s the DIY guide.

9. You can repurpose a hanging shoe rack to hold your fun filled aerosol cans.

10. A drill and some bungee cords make for a lovely ball storage spot in the garage. More info here.

11. Combine pegboard and wooden racks for a storage corral.

12. Store bikes up high with some well placed ceiling hooks.

13. Peg rail organizers are pleasant in form and function.

14. This DIY shows how to make storage boxes lovelier with patterned duct tape.

15. Of course, simple shelving is always a great place to start.

16. Here’s an awesome tool caddie sold on Amazon.

17. This FreedomRail system has been designed by Organized Living to make your garage storage simple, extensive, and maneuverable.

18. This Flowwall concept works with grooved paneling and rearrangeable attachments to provide a similar concept to FreedomRail.

19. SafeRacks offers shelving and elevated hook systems in one package.

20. If you have some extra cash, you can get Arizona Garage and Closet Design to build you some professionally made, custom cabinets.

21. If you want to go the full monty, you can customize your garage with a loft and whatever other items you need via a full renovation. You don’t get much more personalized than that.