Don’t Toss Those Old Dresser Drawers! Repurpose Them Instead With These 13 Genius Ideas

lighterside-staff-authorBy Lighter Side Staff  |  S.D. Shank  |  Read More

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When your dresser is kaput and your armoire is no more, they’ll usually find their way to the curb and await their final journey to the dump. But after all those years your drawers stored your drawers, don’t you think they deserve better than being cast aside like garbage?

In this age of repurposing, recycling and environmental snuggliness, there’s no reason you can’t upcycle your old beloved chest and make something useful out of all those drawers! Here’s thirteen useful ideas you could try when your dresser is about to shed its wooden coil.

1. The Mudroom. Better known as the place your kids just dump everything, a few drawers could turn this disaster area into an organized paradise.

2. Bookshelf. Some wood screws, some glue and some open wall space and you’ll soon have somewhere to stash your Fifty Shades of Grey collection.

3. Plant Holder. Plants just strewn about haphazardly all over your abode? Worry no more! With a few well-placed anchors you can put your flora friends all over your home!

4. Laundry Storage. Yes… that’s what they used to do, this is more for soaps and things.

5. Kitchen Storage. Like the laundry storage… except in the kitchen.

6. Jewelry Organizer. A very cool idea. A few extra knobs and some well-placed hooks and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind jewelry box.

7. Clothes Hanger. A good idea if you go with hooks in lieu of tiny white slippery knobs that won’t hold things very well.

8. DIY Dollhouse. A cute idea if you want Barbie to downgrade to a townhouse.

9. DIY Dog Bed. As sensitive as a dog’s nose is, they’ll always know they’re sleeping in what used to be your unmentionables drawer.

10. Art Holder. The drawers themselves will be a form of art that will hold your art. It’s artception.

11. Magazine Rack. Perfect for your bathroom!

12. Bathroom Storage. Also perfect for your bathroom!

13. Kitchen Organizer. A great idea for one of the rooms in people’s homes that generally needs a lot of organization.