Your Mattress Is MUCH Filthier Than You Realize. Here’s How To Deep Clean It

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Mattresses themselves are often overlooked when it comes time to clean a bedroom. But to do so is to overlook all the things that get them dirty. Sweat, dandruff, skin shedding, spills, stains, not to mention dust and dust mites. It’s pretty obvious having a clean mattress is important for health and probably peace of mind too.

That’s why this video is super valuable. This cleaning expert will help you understand what you are dealing with, and how to get your mattress biohazard free before the dust mite colonies carry you off into the night. You’ll have to set aside some time to do the job, but once finished, you’ll have a super clean mattress and enough knowledge to inspire those you know to do the same.

Here are some great mattress protectors:

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