Nosy Neighbors? This Simple Fix Is Brilliant And Looks Great!

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Sometimes you just need your own outdoor space. However, with modern suburban neighborhoods and lifestyles the way they are, it’s not always easy to feel like you have your own private spot under the Sun. member, kfoster, didn’t like how open her backyard patio was or how easy it was for her neighbor to look in. So instead, she decided to create her own little sanctuary. All she needed to do was build a relatively inexpensive, monster wall between her and said nearest neighbor. As simple as that might sound, what she accomplished was quite a feat.

This is an image of the backyard and the main fence. Needless to say, it’s a bit ineffective where privacy is concerned.

She drilled down four feet to set four 16 foot, 4×4 inch posts. That’s 12 feet above ground. Might as well prepare for the occasional lumbering giant.

The next step was cementing in the posts and leveling off the tops with a reciprocating saw.

She used top beams heavy enough to compliment the heavy duty posts.


The next step was to set up the framing for the rest of the wall.

She then added deck boarding to both sides, apparently so the neighbors wouldn’t have to look at the framing. It wasn’t meant to be a spite wall.

Of course, what major wall like this would be complete without windows up top? And windows need grooves to set in.

After getting her window groove on, she added the frames.

The glass windows are really more of a tease than anything else. She completely frosted them over.

No reason this monster wall can’t be a bit more decorative. All it needed was a little trellis…

…and four 36 foot light strings!

Have to admit, that looks mighty fine, and private to boot!

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