7 Fears Every Real Estate Agent Knows All Too Well

7 Fears Every Real Estate Agent Knows All Too Well


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    Sometimes there is a very fine line between what a real estate agent hopes and fears.

    #1 The Hope: What agents hope their open house will look like.

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    The Fear: What an open house can end up looking like.

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    #2 The Hope: Making good money as a real estate agent…or at least make a living doing it.

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    The Fear: Barely making enough money to even own a home, let alone sell one.

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    #3 The Hope: Being too busy all day to even check Facebook.

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    The Fear: Getting caught on Facebook…playing Candy Crush…like every hour of the day.

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    #4 The Hope: Showing houses that the seller obviously cares about the fact that you are bringing buyers to see their home.

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    The Fear: Showing houses that make you wonder if the seller even remembers their house is on the market…

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    #5 The Hope: Having leisurely networking lunches with colleagues or past clients, working on deals and developing new business.

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    The Fear: Eating alone. In the car. While catching up on e-mail. Again.

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    #6 The Hope: Going to closings where the seller and buyer are both happy and smiling.

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    The Fear: Going to closings where the buyer and seller probably shouldn’t even be in the same building, let alone the same room.

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    #7 The Hope: Being welcomed and respected by people as a professional with great thoughts, knowledge, and skills.

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    The Fear: Being seen as some sort of a shady sales person.

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