Why Buying A House Is Like Planning A Wedding

Why Buying A House Is Like Planning A Wedding


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    Location, Location, Location! It’s just as important in real estate as it is in executing the wedding. It basically sets the mood for the rest of your life. Do you want a country setting? A city high rise? Cozy backyard shindig?

    And just like a wedding, there are multiple players involved in purchasing a home. Each has an important role to play in making things go down without a hitch. Here are the main players:

    Bride = Buyer

    As long as she thinks she’s in charge, it’s all good. Expect momentary flashes of schizophrenia and crazy texts over nothing of actual importance. Normally, a very nice person but always be on the lookout for Bridezilla to emerge.

    Groom = Moving Company

    Not really an important player until after the paperwork is signed.

    Mother of the Bride = Home inspector

    “Nope. This house sucks. No good. Needs to be replaced. Might as well start over and find a new dream property. I said no. No means no. Fine do whatever your want.”

    Minister = Insurance Agent

    Mostly along for the ride after the union passes regulated counseling. Likes to be paid (and fed) handsomely at the reception.

    Bridesmaids = Buyer’s Agent

    These are the people who will walk hand in hand with you to see 14 different dresses/houses. They will laugh, cry and stress over every little detail with you.

    Best Man = Listing Agent

    Been buddies forever. Lots of embarrassing stories but we will all try to ignore those because we are serious, sophisticated adults now. Mostly just involved for the drinks and witness the bridal party meltdown.

    Father of the Bride = Loan Officer

    Also known as the gatekeeper for the whole transaction. Usually bringing all the funds to closing. Don’t lie to this person. Your fate is in their hands.

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    Wedding Planner = Title Agent/Closing Attorney

    This is the person running the whole show from behind the magical curtain. Deserves a pay raise and WAY more credit than they usually get.

    Flower Girl = Appraiser

    Sure, she’s been cute for 6 months leading up to the big day. However, by the bridal luncheon the day of, she seriously needs a nap, a lollipop and a bribe to behave like a sweet little angel until we can get this knot tied up. Pretty please?!


    Crucial in both weddings and real estate. Overpaid but totally worth every penny.

    Oh, and although the following isn’t a “person”, it’s a crucial component of both a wedding and real estate transaction:

    Engagement = Due Diligence

    During this period you’ll want to check for:

    • Leaky pipes (i.e. a gossip-driven Mother in Law)
    • Roofing issues (how long until hubby starts balding?)
    • Code restrictions for expansion (you promise you won’t get fat, right?)
    • Potential for future development in the neighborhood (KIDS!)
    • Architectural drawings of original site map (dang, you were an ugly kid… sure glad you grew into those ears!)
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