9 Impressive Backyard Projects You Can Complete In Less Than A Day

9 Impressive Backyard Projects You Can Complete In Less Than A Day


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For the DIY pro, time is king. That is, next to doing things as efficiently and cheaply as possible.  Nothing in the home project world beats a one-day turnaround time. We here at Lighter Side know that you value your time as much as your home, so we’ve put together a top ten list of best backyard projects you can complete in less than a day!

1. For less than thirty dollars and a day of work, you can put a simple yet stylish water feature in your backyard.

Via thegardenglove.com

2. This garden bench is not only simple to make, but easy on the wallet. These simple (and free!) plans will make you feel like Bob Vila.

Via familyhandyman.com

3. Here’s an easy water fountain DIY that will add relaxing sounds to your backyard.

Via familyhandyman.com

4. Even if they call it a simple tree house, I bet it would still be a blast for any youngster.

Via apartmenttherapy.com

5. This HGTV DIY guide shows you how to build a solid fire pit in less than a day.

Via hgtvgardens.com

6. This DIY provides the perfect touch for giving your backyard that Zen Garden aesthetic.

Via familyhandyman.com

7. This lovely templated cobblestone path is easy for anyone who isn’t good at placing rocks together.

Via Home is Where They Love You

8. Ok this day bed from Apprentice Extrovert is cool but… I just can’t get past that monkey pillow.

Via Apprentice Extrovert

9. Here’s a DIY for a window box you can make for only $3.12? Surprisingly, it doesn’t require stealing the materials!

Via howdoesshe.com