A Minister in Tennessee Built The World’s Largest Treehouse Like a Modern Day Prophet

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The result is a giant “tree temple” that stands over 100 feet tall. Horace reported reported having over 1,000 visitors to the treehouse per week.

Whether it was a divine miscalculation, or faulty human interpretation, the treehouse was deemed unsafe by the Fire Marshall in a number of ways, and was closed down in 2012. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s over 100 feet of dry wood, it has uneven decking, no guard rails, no fire extinguisher or alarm and the maze-like design has no marked exits or maps.

After all that work, the 10,000 square foot structure ended up being one giant potential health hazard.


However, despite the dangers, you can’t help but marvel at the structure, and the effort it took to bring it all together. It is supported by six trees, and over 258,000 nails were used.

And the biggest miracle of all? He only spent $12,000 to complete the whole thing.

Here’s a view from the top.

The treehouse includes spiral staircases, countless rooms, walkways and balconies…

In the sanctuary, there’s a pulpit, rows of pews, and a choir loft. All of which convert into a basketball court (yes, you read that right).

Currently, there is an effort by Horace Burgess and many supporters to reopen the treehouse for public appreciation. This movement includes 2,815 members of a Facebook group entitled ‘Minister’s Tree House Petition.’