25 Clever Space-Saving Products You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed

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Efficiency is one thing you can never have enough of. This is especially true for saving space. Here are some ideas for household items that can streamline your life and make room at the same time.

1. What happens when a strainer and a cutting board fall in love? An identity crisis that rocks the kitchen.

Via Joseph Joseph

2. This super flat folding chair is the ultimate in space saving seating.

Via Folditure

3. This is a heat mat that doubles as a table tennis net.

Via Kickstarter

4. Set the ambiance with a light and speaker all in one.

Via The Green Head

5. This is like a Swiss army kitchen bottle. Find it here.

Via Good Housekeeping

6. Your bucket doesn’t always need depth. Here’s one that collapses.

Via Solutions.blair.com

7. Need an all-in-one ironing board? Find it here.

Via Overstock

8. This knife-scissor hybrid gives you all sort of options for cutting food.

Via Joseph Joseph

9. Why use a clunky ironing board when you can use a magnetic ironing mat?

Via Amazon

10. Ever want to hide that dish rack when it’s not in use? Now you can just roll it up.

Via Bed Bath and Beyond

11. A mattress that is also a chair is perfect for those efficiency homes.

Via Amazon

12. Why not let your favorite clothes hang out together?

Via Solutions.blair.com

13. These adjustable bowls are perfect for diverse pet families.

Via Store.dexas.com

14. For the organized environmentalists, we have stackable recycling bins.

Via Pure Safety

15. Sometimes it just takes a one-row toaster to add more counter space.

Via Pinterest

16. Who wants to keep up with a bunch of spoons? A measuring cup is much easier.

Via Miles Kimball

17. These salad bowls are self-serving.

Via Joseph Joseph

18. In case you were tired of having to wait for the cat to get off of your favorite chair, you can share it with this Cat Crib.

Via Cat Crib

19. Those bulky hoses are a thing of the past. Here’s one that retracts and expands when you need it to.

Via Hammacher

20. Vertical shoe racks are perfect for saving space in the doorway.

Via J-me.com

21. Umm… yeah. I guess it’s about time someone thought of a toilet with a sink.

Via Plumbing-deals.com

22. Or this washing machine with a sink.

Via Smeg.com

23. If you have to keep in shape, use a foldable treadmill.

Via Hammacher

24. Even whisks can collapse.

Via A Plus Store

25. Ever sat down and then realized you had to get up to find your favorite book? Problem solved.

Via Etsy