These 15 Stylish, Space-Saving Furniture Designs Are Oddly Satisfying To Look At

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Space. Not only is it the “final frontier,” but it’s also a valuable home commodity. Like any valuable commodity, it’s smart to learn how to be efficient and get the most out of it. But not all of us have the time to figure it out for ourselves. Thankfully there are creative artists and designers in this world who’ve dedicated their trade to lend us a helping hand. Below you’ll find some of the most amazing space saving furniture we’ve found. Enjoy.

1. This Orla Reynolds design is a simple set of table and chairs that fit neatly into their own personal shelving.

2. Bonbon Compact Living Solutions designed a sofa that is perfect when couch-surfing friends are visiting.

3. Hard to have a dining space more efficient than this. Well done, Antares Company.


4. Need an out of the way workspace?

5. Christoph Brenner’s take on saving sofa and bed space. Quite stylish.

6. Need a place to stash your books and/or private goods? Judson Beaumont has your answer.

7. Julia Kononenko’s sofa design that changes into a japanese style dining table.

8. With Ruetemple’s mobile recreation area, you may be hearing the “Transformers sound effect” when opening and closing it.

9. Ever want to make your chairs and table look like a spacecraft? Dedon has you covered.

10. Seriously, why has no one thought of this sooner?

11. Puur Design and Interieur (Pure Interior Design) decided to see what would happen if a russian stacking doll fell in love with a chair.

12. Tobias Fraenzel’s door inspires fun for days on end.

13. Natalia Repolovsky created an indoor “stoop” (dwarf staircase), that doubles as a storage container.

14. Here’s a cool podpad cabinet from Werd. “Werd up.”

15. Elena Sidorova asked that inevitable question. Are sofas all that can double as beds? She thinks not!