16 Things to Remember If You Love A Real Estate Agent


We’ve already covered why you should date or marry a real estate agent (hint: most of them are pretty awesome).

But you should also know that real estate agents are a special breed. Their success requires an incredible amount of time and commitment, making them difficult to understand for some people. But the work they do is important – helping people to find homes and make some of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. So if there’s a Realtor in your life (in any capacity), they could use your support because they’re juggling too many balls to do everything on their own.

Here are 17 things to remember:

1. They are busy

Few jobs are as time intensive as being a real estate agent. It’s somewhat like being an executive in an office, a luxury car salesperson, a delivery driver, and a psychologist all in one. They have to handle all the tasks of running a business (phone calls, meetings, etc.) while also learning everything they can about neighborhoods and the homes they’re selling or buying. They also have to run all around town to be with their clients.

2. They are detail oriented

Market trends, home features, neighborhood features, buyer preferences – there are hundreds of things the average real estate agent is keeping track of. Expect him or her to either have a fantastic memory, or a detailed note system. And if you spot them taking notes on the back of a McDonald’s hamburger wrapper, don’t be surprised.

3. They may struggle with organization

All of these details need to be kept in an accessible system, but not every Realtor is naturally organized. They may love helping people find houses, but struggle to keep up with all the paperwork. An assistant can be helpful, but they can also use support from loved ones. If the Realtor in your life isn’t organized, maybe you can help with tidying up and putting things in the right place.

4. They like being treated like humans

Helping people find a home is a big deal. Realtors like getting paid, but more than that they love respect. So if by chance your Realtor friend/significant other/family member is helping you buy a home, don’t do the typical things buyers do that Realtors hate.

5. Networking is vital to their work

Getting people the perfect home, or finding the perfect buyer, requires being connected. It means knowing and befriending other Realtors and service providers in the real estate industry. Understand this is one of the biggest parts of their business, so do your best to humor them if they start talking shop at every opportunity. Remember, when you’re in a restaurant having dinner and you hear someone say “real estate”, they’ll no longer remember who you are.

6. They may not unwind easily

All this work can make play a difficult concept. If you have a Realtor in your life, encourage him or her to chill out once in a while. Plan a trip or outing, or even a dinner in with your favorite show. Give them endless back rubs until they have perma-grin on their face.

7. They need to look good

It’s hard to sell a home when you look disheveled. Understand, real estate pros need to remain well-kept. Nice clothes, good grooming and fitness are part of the package. Don’t let them leave the house with egg on their face. Help fix the mistakes you see that they don’t. And if you really want to make them look good, buy them one of these real estate t-shirts.

8. Exercise needs to be stressed

If you are close to a Realtor, try to remind him or her of the importance of exercise. Everyone is prone to making the “no time” excuse, but Realtors may genuinely have very little free time. They may need to be reminded that working out can help them in their jobs. Just make sure they don’t forget to take off the spandex if they need to go back to work.

9. They may be control freaks

Most real estate agents have to work very hard to climb from a new agent to a successful Realtor. This can lead to control issues. If your Realtor is doing well enough, encourage him or her to hire an assistant.

10. They need sleep

Another problem with busy real estate agents – not enough sleep. They’re human and need an average of 8 hours a night, just like everyone else. Try to encourage healthy sleep patterns. If they won’t listen chop up some No-Doz and put it into your favorite hamburger helper dish — they will love you for it.

11. They need vacations

Leaving it all behind will be hard for some agents, but it needs to be done periodically. Distance allows for different perspectives, and tends to improve results upon return. Plan a vacation and demand your Realtor comes along. Feed him or her Coronas all day long (with a lime, of course) and fan them periodically while they lie by the pool. After all, they deserve it.

12. They may forget about important events

Like all busy people, Realtors may forget about dates that are actually quite important. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If this happens, try to be understanding. Realtors tend to remember closing dates and not much else.

13. Romance may need encouragement

If you’re dating or married to a Realtor, you may need to be proactive about planning together time. They love you, really. But they are driven people and can have trouble balancing priorities. Gazing into a computer screen filled with homes for sale is their lightning in a bottle.

14. They need hobbies

Work is important, but so is personal time. Encourage the Realtor in your life to take up at least one hobby to unwind. Heads up, though — they may try to convince you that social media is a hobby.

15. They may need to vent occasionally

If you’re close to a Realtor, expect some venting occasionally. Not every client is willing to let the agent do his or her best work, which can be frustrating. Realtors have to deal with issues ranging from low ball offers to overpriced homes, and everything in between. Make sure you have plenty of Kleenex on hand.

16. They’re always learning

The real estate market changes every day. Real estate agents are always learning, which means they can make mistakes. Just like you, they will not always be right. As long as they get back up and keep going, you should do your best to be understanding. Last but not least, if you catch your favorite real estate agent saying something they shouldn’t, always forgive them. Realtors rock and always deserve a second chance!


Bill Gassett

Bill Gassett is a nationally recognized leader in his field. Over the last decade plus he has been one of the top RE/MAX agents in New England.

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