23 Modest Home Upgrades That’ll WOW Buyers When It’s Time To Sell

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Some people have the idea that enhancing your home’s appeal has to be an expensive or challenging ordeal. Sure, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars in home renovations, but that’s not always necessary. The truth is, the simplest modifications can make a home’s appeal surprisingly higher, and with minimal impact to your wallet. Here are some great ideas that are too good to pass up.

1. Whoever came up with faux drawers anyway? This is genius! Perfect way to make use of that wasted space.

2. Magnetic strips are an amazing way to make space, while adding a sense of style to your jarred spices.

3. Retractable clothes lines are a gorgeous and convenient way to save space, and electricity.

4. Ever have that moment when there are too many groceries and not enough arms? Problem solved: a clever door that joins the garage to the pantry.


5. Recessed outlets not only allow for less space between the furniture and wall, but could also double as a clever place to hide your valuables.

6. Yet another clever way to store things out of sight. Just be sure to close those drawers before retiring for the night.

7. Here’s a clever way to store things that you don’t mind being in sight, but organized.

8. A little nook is a great way to add appeal to a stairway space.

9. Take that faux drawer to the next level with a cutting board and compost disposal setup.

10. Swinging stools are a great way to save space with hideaway seating.

11. The insides of cabinet doors are awesome spaces for storing random items. All it takes is something simple like PVC or wire baskets to set the space.

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12. Resurrect your old refrigerator with a faux stainless steel makeover.

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13. Regardless of the season, an outdoor rinsing station can be a life (and floor) saver.

14. Out of sight, out of mind recharging stations are perfect for keeping workstations tidy and clean.

15. There are many food items that do not need to be stored in a fridge. To save space in your pantry, create baskets within your counter for bread and less perishables.

16. Here’s a rinsing station for boots and furry friends alike.

17. Use the negative space below a counter to install a slide out stool for the wee ones.

18. Exchange the simple outdoor lighting with a chandelier. Fancy pants!

19. You might be surprised how much curb appeal something as simple as upgraded home numbers can add.

20. Here’s a genius way to store lids so you can stack your pots and pans while conserving space.

21. Cleaning supplies takes up very little space when arranged in a shallow cabinet.

22. These skylights are just brilliant!

23. We really want you to do something with those faux drawers. Out of sight outlets are welcome in any home that is appliance dependent.