7 Funny Things About Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents mean serious business… most of the time. But every now and again we have to take a minute to laugh at ourselves. Probably no other job can be as stressful, as rewarding and, happily, as humorous.

And now, as the joke goes, you might be a real estate agent if…

1. You’re powered by coffee.

Can you relate? We can.

Ever have mornings like this?

Posted by The Lighter Side of Real Estate on Friday, July 3, 2015

More coffee please!

Via Construction Robotics

2. You steal furniture (from yourself).

A staged home is a sold home, right? And if your clients don’t have exactly the right pieces or budget to stage their home to sell, you may have been known to “borrow” things from your own house. And from your friend’s and family’s homes too. After all, when your listings sell quickly, everyone benefits!


3. You (accidentally) send hilarious text messages.

Oops! Autocorrect can really get you when you’re multitasking. And we’re always multitasking, aren’t we? Here are some texting do’s and don’ts to help prevent future embarrassing mishaps.

4. Your photography skills could use some work…

Some agents take amazing listing photos. Some agents hire professional photographers to really give their properties an advantage. And then there are these agents.

5. … and so could your Photoshop skills.

Sometimes it pays to be resourceful. And sometimes, well, we should really pay someone else to do it. Oh well, it’s a learning experience, right?

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6. Your headshot could double as a #tbt post.

Are you rocking a hairstyle from 10 years ago in your real estate agent headshot? Puffy sleeves? Holding a phone with a cord attached to it? A cellphone with an antenna?

It's #tbt, y'all! Styles sure have changed over the years for Realtors, huh?! So has the marketing. For example ==> http://bit.ly/1L3YxAa

Posted by The Lighter Side of Real Estate on Thursday, January 22, 2015


7. You do this, frequently.

We’ve all been there.


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