This Isn’t Your Average Home Decor. This Is Up-Cycled Awesomeness.

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Designer Inghua Ting has broken the mold when it comes to home decor. Her big idea? Vintage and reclaimed leather belts. Whatever happened to those old belts you had, anyway? Stretched to the point of no return? Or maybe ill-fitting because you lost weight? Now you can upcycle them so their legacy can live on… and your home’s ‘cool factor’ will skyrocket in the process. Home decor enthusiasts rejoice!

This is the basic pattern for what she does. What can she possibly do with that?

How about covering your floor?


The leather is cushioned and warm. Great for the feet, whether barefoot, or wearing high heels.

The traction is great for making your way safely up and down the staircase after a night of heavy celebration.

Here’s a classy, light-weight sliding door.

She can also make your wall a backdrop of leather luxury.

As if that wasn’t versatile enough, you can even use this design for dinner sets (on the right).