It Looks Like a Simple Patio, But Watch What It Turns Into When They Press a Button

mike-bell-authorBy Mike Bell  |  Read Bio

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Generally the idea is to show off your inground swimming pool, not hide it away. However, Hidden Water Pools, a California-based company, is changing all that with an innovative design that’s getting lots of buzz (and YouTube views)!

Now, it’s not quite as innovative as this human fish tank or this $2 million backyard paradise, but then again, this is “convertible pool” won’t dent your wallet nearly as hard, either.

And despite the James Bond theme in the video below, there’s little inherent danger in this swimming pool. Unless of course, it’s set on kiddie mode when Uncle Carl goes to perform his classic cannon ball. Remember folks, drink responsibly, invite over only trusted house guests, and always check the settings at night.

Youtube via Maria Kasa