This Is What You’d See If Buyers On “House Hunters” Were Brutally Honest

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“Reality” TV shows are the best opportunity in the world to roll your eyes at the stereotypes we’ve developed in this world. One of the best is “House Hunters.” It’s exciting for those who either don’t know what hunting for a house is really like, or who just happened to be lucky enough to have it go relatively smoothly. For most in the know, however, it’s pure silliness at its best, which is what makes it so much fun.

No one knows the absurdity of “House Hunters” quite like real estate agents. Time after time you take a couple and show them their perfect home and they find the craziest things to nitpick. Then you get to see into their private lives as you watch the couple “tactfully” point out every challenge they would create for each other in such a home. By the time you are done showing the home, you feel like you should have been charged for time as a therapist, or at least be compensated for the emotional energy and patience provided.

So… are you ready to see someone show it like it is? Buzzfeed’s As/Is channel decided to make your day! They created this genius skit of a completely honest couple hunting for a home. It’s truly a must see.

Via As/Is

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