19 Constructions Flubs So Bad They Deserve The Slow Clap

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Sometimes in life whether you do it yourself or you hire a contractor, a whole lot of facepalming can happen. These DIY and constructions are so game-changing, they might permanently leave you in a state of wtf.

1. “Dude, I’m telling you they’ll have flying cars soon and we need to be prepared…”

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2. When your wife says she wants a special bathroom window she can open every day, this is NOT what she means.

3. This new fence is fool-proof I tell ya, fool-proo … Aww S#*%!

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4. “Ok Cletus, we got ‘er set. Just DON’T TOUCH NOTHIN’!”

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5. Some people just like watching the world burn…

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6. “Garage schmarage…”

7. Before he invented the video game, Tetris, Alexey Pazhitnov was a window installer.

8. Horrible for family vacation, awesome for the honeymoon. (unless they’re using the toilet)

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9. Hey! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with two dudes that don’t know each other peeing cheek to cheek!

10. This…this is just cruel.

Well done, really.


11. A urinal for guys to use first thing in the morning.

12. The Employee of the year’s office.

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13. The construction worker probably said something that rhymes with bucket.

14. Wait a minute, they wouldn’t move the rock, but they chiseled it out to make the path level?

15. What in the actual hell is going on here?

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16. Handicapped parking for race-car stunt drivers.

17. The cruelest of all office window models: The “Tiny Glimmer of Hope” line.

18. They call it the muffler assassin…

19. This is so bad it’s… shocking.

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