If Hyping Up Listings Were An Olympic Event, This Guy Would Win The Gold

lighterside-staff-authorBy Lighter Side Staff  |  S.D. Shank  |  Read More

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From beyond the Misty Mountains, through the gumdrop plains and beyond the furthest reaches of Bed, Bath and Beyond comes the most mystical cabin ever to be sold in all of the world; ever.

On first inspection you might just think this is a multi-level home with beautiful woodwork and open design throughout. What you don’t see is a much more sinister and magical estate. From gluten-free lofts to hidden spots perfect for nerf-snipers to terminate their prey, this home has it all.

As you will see, the possibilities are endless. The beautiful windows (that the owner kept after the divorce) give great views and opportunities to creep on the neighbors. Many other amenities like a fireplace that burns actual wood and a faucet that dispenses… ACTUAL WATER (I know, right?!) abound in this beautiful offering from Wichita.

Don’t miss your chance to take a virtual tour of this home! I promise that not only will you be impressed with the alleged birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, but you’ll be left in tears from laughing so hard!

Via Joshua Rakes