11 Real Estate Agent Headshots That Can’t Be Real (But Are)

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We can all look back at our school photos and see where because of bad lighting, bad hair or just back luck, you or someone you know took a cringeworthy photo. Well these Realtors took cringeworthy pics, but they actually meant to in an effort to grow their business. Follow us on this trail of fail as we look at real estate agent headshots that can’t be real (but are).

1. He won the award in spite of listing all of his properties as “finger lickin’ good”.

2. ”No I want more light for my photo…no, MORE…MORE!”

3. Never take your real estate agent photo right after you watch Kung Fu Panda. Never.


4. “Here at Green Giant Realty, we take a whole home approach…”

5. “I’ll give you directions to get there, but Mr. Bobo will walk you through the open house…”

6. Wiseguys Realty: Where we make offers owners can’t refuse.

7. “Choosing the right home is never a split-second decision. I’ll always give you time to mullet over.”

8. Sensitive Realtor is ready to listen to all your problems. He’ll even bring the wine and chocolate.

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9. “At Psychic Spirit-World Realty we already know the home you’re going to buy.”

10. Open House. This Sunday. Noon. Can I count on you to comb over?

11. By my calculations, I’m the most capable agent to sell your home.