Elderly Couple’s Yard Is Out Of Control. Now Watch How Their Neighbors React

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Perry Moore and his wife moved into their Kansas home in 1992. They have a robust family of twelve grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. The Moore’s love nothing more than seeing their young ones being able to play and have fun.

Unfortunately, because of his age and physical challenges, Perry has been unable to keep up with his yard. It became so overgrown that the children could not enjoy time outside. And without having an appropriate yard for those youngsters to expend their energy, what are great grandparents to do?

In an act of love, Perry’s neighbors decided to remedy the situation. Someone made a simple tweet online and it started the movement. The neighborly community organized a group effort that turned a Kansas jungle into a happy yard for all children to enjoy (free of thorns and woodland monsters). If there ever was an act of kindness proving the strength of a loving community, this is it!

Via 41 Action News