Man Baffles Neighbors With Bizarre Decoration On His Roof

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I’m sure everyone in this Lafayette, CA neighborhood wondered what construction worker Colby Powell and his family were up as they built a giant geometric orb on their roof. But once it was complete, there was no mistake — they were huge Star Wars fans, with a new miniature Death Star battlestation on top of their home!

No doubt they’re also excited about next month’s new Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens”.

How did they do it?

First, they created two geodesic domes, using about 2,000 feet of half inch PVC pipe (enough piping to populate Super Mario World I’m sure). With 18 cans of paint, two T-10 parachutes, enough Geohub connectors to give a spider vertigo (162 to be exact), LED lights, and a crane, they completed the 23 foot silvery monolith in time for the new Star Wars movie release.

Needless to say it was such a big hit in the neighborhood, and you’ll understand why once you see it light up at night!

Via Colby Powell