This Isn’t a UFO, Just a Floating Solar-Powered House Made Entirely From Recycled Materials

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Renowned Italian architect, Giancarlo Zema, has worked with EcoFloLife (Ecological Floating Habitats) to create an amazing home that is not only solar powered, but can survive a flood (because it floats), and is made from up to 98% recycled material. As far as homes go, the WaterNest 100 is pristine merger between human comfort and harmony with nature.

This space age looking “arc” is 12 meters in diameter, and 4 meters high.

There are also balconies to add to the spaciousness of the home. The laminated timber and aluminum is recycled, and the 60 square meters of amorphous, photovoltaic (solar power) panels provide 4 kWp for the homes internal needs.

While this beauty may not be ready for stormy seas, it can weather any area with relatively calm water. This includes lakes, bays, and rivers.


This house has different configuration possibilities, depending upon the resident’s needs.

It can be fixed up as a home, an office, or an exhibition floating space.

It can also be primed for more commercial settings, such as a lounge bar, or a restaurant.

With all of the possibilities available, EcoFloLife may be paving the way towards future, water faring civilizations, or at least a few amusing communities.