20 Mildly Life-Changing Gift Ideas for Your Realtor

seth williams authorBy Seth Williams  |  Read Bio

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Realtors aren’t particularly finicky when it comes to gifts. In fact, most Realtors will agree that a referral is the best gift you could ever give. But short of that, here are 20 practical gift ideas that’ll blow the socks off the Realtor in your life. Guaranteed!

1. Self-Stirring Coffee Mug @ Amazon

Avoid the agony of using both hands to stir your coffee.


Via Amazon

2. Wood Mini Speaker @ Incredible Things

Add some ambiance to your open houses with this super-portable mini speaker.



3. Node Electrical Outlet @ BBG

Get rid of that ugly powerstrip in your office.


Metaphys via BBGBBG

4. Kwikset iPhone enabled doorlocks @ Amazon

Ditch the keys and use your phone!


Via Amazon

5. Waterproof Keyboard @ Amazon

Your office equipment should be able to handle anything – just like you!


Via Amazon

6. Solar Powered Charger @ Amazon

When you’re stuck at a house with no electricity – let nature do the work.


Via Amazon

7. iPhone Ghost Detector @ This Is Why I’m Broke

For those moments you get the heebie jeebies while working an open house alone.


Via This Is Why I’m Broke

8. Sandbox Desk @ Bored Panda

Just close your eyes for a minute and pretend you’re someplace else.


Via Bored Panda

9. Picture Printing Smart Phone Case @ Prynt Cases

For those clients who haven’t jumped on the “digital picture bandwagon” yet.


Via Prynt Cases

10. Micro Drone w/ Aerial Camera @ Stack Social

Get those aerial pictures you need and sell it faster!


Via Stack Social

11. USB Cufflinks @ Amazon

Carry around your data with style.


Via Amazon

12. Hamster Wheel Standing Desk @ Instructables

Now you can do it literally and figuratively!


Via Instructables

13. Stun Gun iPhone Case @ Amazon

When you’re visiting foreclosures in the inner city — always come prepared.


Via Amazon

14. External A/C Litterbox @ Kickstarter

For the seller who just doesn’t understand the negative effect of cat urine.


Via Kickstarter


Via Kickstarter

15. Coffee Cup Power Inverter @ Amazon

Always have access to an outlet on the road.


Via Amazon

16. Solar Powered Lawn Mower @ Husqvarna

Mow an overgrown lawn… and put it on autopilot.


Via Husqvarna

17. Ostrick Pillow @ Kickstarter

Probably the most effortless way to sleep without leaving your desk.


Via Kickstarter

18. Forearm Lifting Straps @ This Is Why I’m Broke

Staging a home? Increase your strength exponentially with these babies!


Via This Is Why I’m Broke

19. Cyber Cleaning Putty @ Amazon

Clean the grime out of your devices.


Via Amazon

20. Echo Smartpen @ Amazon

Take the stress out of meetings with this pen that records everything you say, hear and write!


Via Amazon